Episode 98

"Find a Job"

Duration 00:22:15      Recorded on December 07, 2011

In this episode, Dan and Susan talk with Hadiya Nurridin about looking for a job in instructional design.

Show Notes:

Who wants a job? Hadiya Nurridin has been a previous guest on the Green Room and returns to share her insights on finding a job in instructional design. Hadiya formerly worked as an employee in a large corporation and now freelances as a contractor. Hadiya sees a definite interest in e-learning development. Most calls are about development work through Articulate, Captivate and other products. More prone to outsource this piece. Employers want conceptual development as well as product knowledge.

You get paid more for knowing more! Soup to nuts. Contractor work has been more in development realm than in design realm.

Importance of designing attractive modules. Develop your eye. It's a skill - work at it. Need to know what a screen bean is? Read Screen beans .. you had me at goodbye and Why looks matter .... for inspiration.Designing is creating a relationship between the user and the screen: interface design!Critical skills on a resume? Hadiya says:

  • First decide if you want to be a developer or designer.
  • Industry match
  • Project management skills
Dan adds:
  • Know what you are applying for! Do your background research. Network.
  • If you are going to try to make connections to the business, make it good!
  • List the products you can use. Don't try to stretch it.

For someone with no experience?

Make sure you understand the field and the industry. Make all the connections you can - No matter who is on your team. You are 100% dependent on the people giving you information, so communicate respectfully and politely! Leave sarcasm, blaming and whining out of your communication.

More advice from Dan: If you are an employee within a company, maximize the time you have there and learn all you can because some day you are likely to be a contractor. And build good networks!

Thank you, Hadiya!

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