Episode 43


Duration 00:24:21      Recorded on April 21, 2008

Susan and Dan are joined by Paul Stacey of BCCampus who describes Dare2BDigital, an innovative online reality game show showcasing online learning across British Columbia, Canada.

Show Notes:

Susan and Dan are joined by Paul Stacey, Director of Development for BCcampus, a system wide service agency focused on online teaching and learning for the colleges in his Canadian province. He shares the latest on a very innovative program called Dare2BDigital, a collaborative project among British Columbia's public post-secondary institutions.

This is an online showcase offered as a reality game show. Teams of students were presented with a weekly challenge, similar to what they might experience in an exemplary online course. And it is not just the students who get involved; audience members have the opportunity to interact, vote, and have a say in what happens through social networking.

Where did they get students? They advertised in student newspapers and invited teams to apply. They started with 6 teams of 4 students each from 5 different colleges. It was a mixed group in terms of whether they've taken online courses.

Surprised and delighted describes the view of how the student teams have responded to the challenges. They have been amazingly professional and creative. Some of the topics showcased: deep space science and astronomy, great unsolved Canadian mysteries, energy and alternative energy, universal design. Sponsors put up $35-40,000 in prizes for teams and the audience! Sandy Hirtz (also from BCcampus ) did a lot of the networking with sponsors. The faculty who developed the challenges either have online experience or are migrating online. The biggest surprise? That they got teams, faculty, sponsors and everyone to come together. Also, the quality of student work and the dedication of judges went way beyond expectations.

Sorry to disappoint listeners, but you'll have to look at the archives because Dare2BDigital has ended. And Paul is investigating the future! (We are all hopeful there will be a second season.)

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