Episode 3

"Odd Jobs"

Duration 00:16:11      Recorded on October 08, 2006

In this episode, Susan and Dan reveal their former odd jobs and how these helped shape who they are as educators.

Show Notes:
Susan began her career in campus housing. From that she learned the essentials of community; shared vision, shared values, behavioral norms, responsibilities, freedom and the creation of a safe zone. As teachers, we do the same in our classrooms - virtual or face to face.

Dan worked as a science department paraprofessional in a large high school, cleaning test tubes and listening to teachers after their class. The lesson: love what you do! He also got to see a variety of methods.

Can you share your passion online? Dan also spent a summer in Mexico City doing pantomime as part of community development program. He learned to communicate nonverbally! Today as a practitioner, he continues to focus on the visual and asks "How do you get the message across without saying anything?" As a park district Senior Citizen Activity Director Susan took groups of older adults on real field trips and had to help them feel comfortable. Being a strong emotional support and a good listener are transferable skills she gained from that position. Plus she dances a mean polka!

Susan was also a pretzel baker at the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery in Lititz, PA between college and graduate school. We're still wondering if there's a twisted connection between that job and teaching!

Dan finishes with the story of his job as a consultant preparing high level execs and their families for the transition to another country. How do you decide what learners need? This reminded Dan of the importance of knowing your audience. Plus sometimes you have to make tough choices about what methods or activities you'd like to use, given restrictions in time.

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