LTGR #123: “Learning and Marketing – The Convergence”

Susan and Dan are joined by Judy Albers, Learning Technology Strategist at Intrepid Learning, discussing the connection between learning and marketing.


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There is a convergence happening! Judy tells about what she learned from the marketing people and what they’ve learned from her.

The marketing people appreciated what instructional designers knew about how to deliver learning the way people consume it (chunked, recognition of cognitive load, etc.) as well as how to measure learning.

And what she got from the marketing people was “How do you get the learners engaged in the first place?” How do you attract people?

Judy tells a powerful story about shopping for bread. Lesson: Too much of a good thing can make you cry.

If you minimize the actions that people can take at any given moment, they are less likely to abandon the learning and be more satisfied with the experience.

Good assessment can show you the way! It can also be used to direct remediation so you are not wasting the learner’s time (or engagement).

The topic shifts to irrational decision making, and Judy references Dan Ariely. People make decisions with the emotional brain. If we can evoke emotion from the learners, they will learn something. Use pictures, analogies and stories.

On convergence: those who can play in the middle of the venn diagram can do some powerful things!

Judy’s SlideShare link to the presentation that caught Dan’s attention.

Listeners, are you playing in the middle of the venn diagram between learning, marketing and publishers, and how’s that going for you?   You can comment here at or or  Also, if you prefer to use your voice, call us at 1-800-609-9006 x8055 (US and Canada) or 678-255-2174 x8055 (outside US and Canada).