LTGR Ep. #35 – “Using Video in Online Learning”

In this episode, Dan and Susan talk about the use of video in online

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Show notes:

In this episode, Dan and Susan talk about the use of video in online instruction.

Beginning with a story of how easy working with video is today, Susan senses more instructors are introducing video and multimedia.

A couple schools are studying YouTube and social networks. One example is Pitzer College. Here is an interview on CNN about the class.

Michael Wesch is a cultural anthropologist and media ecologist at Kansas State and has, along with students, produced several popular videos, including “Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us” and “A Vision of Students Today”.

YouTube, Google Video, TeacherTube and SchoolTube are all examples of services that make video easier for teachers to produce and get video hosted. A brief discussion of the problems with the openness of a service like YouTubes and why TeacherTube and such services have cropped up. Another service Susan couldn’t remember correctly was SciTalks, which shows science videos.

Susan reflects back 5 years about the difficulties of working with video then. Software has become easier and more accessible, and more people are playing around with their personal cameras!

Why would someone want to include video? Social presence. Demonstrations. One to one problem solving.

Digital story telling and student productions. The value of bringing out point of view. Dan references Jonathan Finkelstein’s Real Time Minute videos. Susan suggests you could ask student to use cell phones to do the same.

Coming back to the idea of using a public social network for such work, Susan shares a comment left by a reader/viewer after watching one of the college-produced videos:

“Huh. I was just magically transported back to college and all of those worthless, boring liberal arts classes I had to take.”

“YouTube is … supposed to be more interesting than this. YouTube is … not an education device. YouTube is … a distraction from the intellectual rigors of college, not a substitute for it.”

Hmmmm, so you can overdo it with inappropriate use of social media. Susan and Dan also want to be clear that they are not recommending that we all videotape ourselves lecturing.

The Dramatic Question – Dan’s favorite idea for production.

We want to hear how you all are using video. What were some of the challenges?

After the fact resource: another video worth watching “Pay Attention Video” – about the need to infuse technology into teaching.

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  2. I teach in a synchronous online classroom and tried to use a desktop recorder to record it for those who had to miss that day. That was merely 4 months ago and at that time the only place I could find to host the file had a 100 mb (five minutes with the file format I could use) limit. I discovered VoiceThread about that same time and since my classes revolved around slides, I merely uploaded the static slides and used it with added voice recordings. I was great with no time limits and the kids could actually respond with text, recorded voice, and drawings right n the slide. Just this week, VoiceThread unveiled the ability to upload video and record webcam comments. I am planning on playing around with the new features this afternoon. You can visit VoiceThread at

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