LTGR Ep. #120: “Working with SMEs”

Dan and Susan interview Hadiya Nuriddin, instructional designer, on how she works effectively with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

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Show Notes:

Hadiya Nuriddin
Hadiya Nuriddin, M.Ed., CPLP, PHR

Hadiya is a SME about SMEs and this episode was recorded as part of a session Dan and Susan presented at the Chicago eLearning and Technology Showcase.

During their time together, Hadiya discussed how she approaches SMEs differently from when she first started in instructional design.  Today, she starts with relationship building.

She shared how she brings out the story by way of that relationship instead of focusing on facts.

Hadiya described her “golden line.”    (Challenge to Hadiya: draw us a picture!)

The trio finally discussed age/experience differences.

Listeners, tell us what strategies you have for working with SMEs!  You can comment here at or email or  Also, if you prefer to use your voice, call us at 1-800-609-9006 x8055 (US and Canada) or 678-255-2174 x8055 (outside US and Canada).