LTGR Ep. #119: “Running with a Metaphor”

Dan and Susan play a game  where they connect running to instructional design.

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Show Notes:

Susan's feet

Listeners might not know that both Susan and Dan are runners and are training for long events.  In this light hearted episode, Dan presents an idea about running and Susan reinterprets this according to instructional design work.

Dan’s running point: Adjust as you go to accommodate for environmental realities.
Susan’s interpretation: Susan relates this to politics or budget cuts, or time shifts.  Flexibility!  And interpersonal skills.

Dan’s running point: It’s 75% mental and 25% physical.
Susan’s interpretation: Instructional design is 75% on paper – the thinking and conceiving and only 25% using the tools and building.

Dan’s running point: Strength comes with time spent in a somewhat repetitive action.
Susan’s interpretation: Writing instructional objectives!

Dan’s running point: Hard focused effort often leads to a runner’s high.
Susan’s interpretation: Success feels good.

Dan’s running point: Running with others makes the journey easier, but often you are on your own.
Susan’s interpretation: Working with a team.

Dan’s running point: Convincing others that it is worthwhile and fun is almost impossible.
Susan’s interpretation: A designer might ask for something different or suggest a new pedagogy…you become a change agent and outsiders might not get it.

Dan’s running point: Some days it’s just about making it home.
Susan’s interpretation: You can’t win an award for every design.

Dan’s running point: Every goal reached is the basis for another higher goal.
Susan’s interpretation: Every design builds your portfolio and experience base.  Plus you see new opportunities.

Dan’s running point: Rest is necessary for growth.
Susan’s interpretation: Some days you have to put the project aside to gain a fresh perspective.

Listeners, tell us what races you are preparing for!

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