LTGR Ep. #15 – A Second Life for Learning


In this episode, Susan shares her experience learning about Second Life, the virtual world receiving a lot of press as an environment with distance education potential. Part of her journey included meeting Sarah Robbins, who is indeed teaching within Second Life.

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Show notes:

In this episode, Susan shares her experience learning about Second Life, the virtual world receiving a lot of press as a future environment for distance education. Part of her journey included meeting Sarah Robbins, who is teaching within Second Life and spent time explaining this to Susan. A portion of that conversation is included. Susan references several articles and sites:

Also, visit the hosts of the Green Room online at the Illinois Online Conference (IOC). LTGR is hosting all of the virtual IOC coffee breaks!

Time to hear from you! What is your take on Second Life, and what is its potential for education? An explorer of Second Life yourself? Share your experiences with us. You can respond at or talk to us in LearningTimes. Or call us at 1-800-609-9006 x8055 (US and Canada) or 678-255-2174 x8055 (outside US and Canada). Join us!

8 Responses to “LTGR Ep. #15 – A Second Life for Learning”

  1. Second Life Education Research » Blog Archive » Learning Times Green Room Podcast Interview Says:

    [...] Have a listen HERE. [...]

  2. PaulB Says:

    I noted on a podcast a while back that you were considering dispensing with, or at least streamlining, your Show Notes. I really hope you’ll keep them up.

    Nearly complete transcripts offer quick and easy access to busy educators, and provide a wonderful scaffold and reference for listeners whose first language is other than English.

    Cheers, PaulB

  3. carla arena Says:

    Hi, guys,

    I’m part of the Webheads, and some members of our group have been testing the possibilities of second life for language learning and educators have been in SL frequently to get comfy with the environment and discuss the possibilities for the classroom. Graham Stanley and Gavin Dudney are very active in the process. The Webheads have a hut there.

    I was way too busy to be there more often, but plan to to it soon.

    Carla Arena

  4. Dan Balzer Says:

    Hi Carla:

    Do you have an address for the SL Webheads hut that we could explore? Given that the Webheads are accessing the Internet from all over the world – I’m very interested to know whether the technical requirements for SL are a significant barrier or not?


  5. Graham Stanley Says:

    Hi Susan,

    I was alerted to this podcast by one of the participants on our ‘Digital Gaming & Language Learning’ session for teachers (part of TESOL’s Electronic Village Online: with 140 teachers enrolled from all over the world. And then I saw Carla’s comment and my name there! You can find out more about what the Webheads have been doing in Second Life by looking through the wiki I mention – I’d also be more than happy to talk to you in SL (look me up: Baldric Commons) – our beach hut is on the Educational island that Gavin’s Consultancy has set up (Edunation)

  6. Alex Ragone Says:

    There are a couple of second life resources over at You can also check out Steve Hargadon’s interview on second life here: We’ve had a number of listserv conversations at ised-l ( as well.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Jonathan Finkelstein Says:

    I had the pleasure of talking about the role and opportunities for museums in Second Life with three leading scholars in the field. I have posted my interview on the Real Time Minute site. Enjoy!

  8. Podcasting for Learning » Wieder ein Schaetzchen auf die Ohren :-) Says:

    [...] Andere Themen, die ich mir demnächst anhören möchte: Pädagogische Reflektionen zum Leben Nø 2 … ein interessantes Programm und viel zu hören für die nächsten Tage. Grüße über den großen Teich und bis denne Andreas Auwärter. [...]